In the News: A little science, a lot of spice

Traveling from scientist to spice specialist has been an amazing journey, says Pune native, Deepa Patke. Her Vienna-based business, Aromatic Spice Blends, has led her back to her Indian roots in a very unexpected way.

“I came to the United States as a postdoctoral student on AIDS research,” she says, “and I did my fellowship and worked at Johns Hopkins.” Read More

In the News: Vienna kitchen gets spicy

Vienna — Stepping into Deepa Patke’s Vienna kitchen is like walking into a parfumerie for foodies…Indian food foodies. The air is redolent of herbs and spices familiar to Indian cuisine and her production work area, Virginia Agriculture-certified, is set up there. What Patke does is blend and package her own inspired Indian herb blends and makes popular Indian-style cookies that she sells on her own storefront website,, and at local markets. Read More